3 Types of Vehicles That Do Not Require Insurance According to Car-Registration.org

car-registration.org blog: 3 Types of Vehicles That Do Not Require Insurance According to Car-Registration.org

Vehicle insurance may be expensive, but it is a requirement for most vehicles. Insurance enables drivers to drive without concern. Meanwhile, licensed drivers without insurance are liable for most accidents. Additionally, vehicle insurance protects car owners from thefts or damages. However, some vehicles do not need insurance. Vehicles meeting certain criteria can be driven legally without insurance in most states. Still, some vehicles will just need a limited type of insurance while others, will not need any type of insurance at all. The team at Car-Registration.org has created a list of three types of vehicles that do not require insurance.

#1 Vehicles Not Used on Public Roads

Car owners who own vehicles that never utilize public roads may register their vehicles under the Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). This classifies the vehicles as a kind of off-road car that cannot legally be driven off private property. SORN vehicles are exempt from vehicle taxes and do not have to have any vehicle insurance. The team at Car-Registration.org reminds car owners that failing to register these vehicles under SORN will result in large fines and penalties. Parked vehicles that are not registered under SORN are required to have vehicle insurance.

#2 Off-Road Vehicles

While you can get insurance for vehicles built to drive off-road, most states do not require it as long as drivers avoid public areas. These vehicles do not have to be registered under SORN. Nevertheless, some states will only modify (and not eliminate) the amount of insurance off-road vehicles need. For example, golf carts need liability coverage in most states, and ATVs can benefit from having minimum coverage. Bicycles are almost never covered by insurance, but some companies offer theft and damage protection for cyclists. The team at Car-Registration.org encourages car owners to consider their insurance options if they choose to use their off-road vehicles on public roads or if they believe they have a high risk of theft.

#3 Unused Vehicles

Car owners may suspend or cancel their insurance for vehicles that are broken beyond repair. Also, car owners may temporarily stop their insurance policies when they leave for vacations or choose to stop using/parking their vehicles on public roads. To do so, car owners must submit what is known as an Affidavit of Non-Use (ANU) form to their local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. The team at Car-Registration.org recommends that car owners who suspend their vehicle insurance also request that their vehicles be placed on planned nonoperation (PNO) status to avoid paying renewal fees for vehicle registration while their vehicles are classified as unused. However, the team at Car-Registration.org reminds car owners that they are no longer eligible for ANUs after their registration expires.