Tips From on How to Properly Remove a Registration Sticker

Tips From on How to Properly Remove a Registration Sticker

Although it is not mandatory to remove car registration stickers that display an expired date, it is recommended in order to avoid being cited accidentally. Removing these stickers can be tricky due to the potency of the glue and, oftentimes, the paint of the car. Luckily, the team of experts at has produced a comprehensive list of tips to help you remove your old car registration sticker without the hassle.

Tip #1 Use your finger to carefully peel off the license plate sticker. If your nails aren't long enough to get the job done, you can also use a credit card or a plastic razor blade. The team at advises against using a metal razor blade, as it may damage your license plate by leaving long scratch marks.

Tip #2 Oftentimes, peeling the sticker off with your fingernai ls or a plastic razor blade still leaves some leftover adhesive. To remove the extra adhesive, try using a damp sponge. If water alone doesn't suffice, you can add baby oil, rubbing alcohol or dish washing detergent to help scrub the remaining adhesive off your license plate. Letting the sticker remnants soak for a while may make them easier to scrub off entirely afterward.

Tip #3 The experts at urge you to avoid using acetone, paint thinner or adhesive remover to remove your old license plate sticker. Using any one of the aforementioned chemicals may remove the actual paint off your license plate and ruin your license plate altogether. So, to avoid having to replace your license plate, always use a less-invasive removal liquid when switching out your registration stickers.

Tip #4 Before adding your new car registration decal sticker, you should wipe down your entire license plate in order to remove any dirt, oil or dust that may have accumulated. This will help ensure that the new sticker has a clean surface to stick on and will prevent it from easily coming off. Also, remember to let your license plate dry completely before adding the new decal.Windshield Car Registration Removal Certain states require drivers to display their vehicle registration sticker on their windshield instead of on their license plate. If you have an expired decal on your windshield, the team at notes that the removal process is slightly different. For windshield sticker removals, a razor blade or box cutter is safe to use, as either can be employed on glass surfaces. To properly remove a decal from your windshield, simply begin by lifting any one of the corners