The Guide to Convenient DMV Services You Can Perform Online blog: The Guide to Convenient DMV Services You Can Perform Online

Technology provides many conveniences to drivers around the world. In the United States, drivers across the country are reveling in advances that allow them to take care of DMV services from the comfort of their very own homes. The DMV has had a bad rap for quite some time, due to long lines and somewhat inefficient service. Drivers and vehicle owners alike broadcast these negative experiences, which is why this issue is so widely known. However, thanks to online portals from Maine to Alaska, drivers in the U.S. now have access to online DMV services and can take care of requests on their very own. Review the below list of services many DMVs now offer online, courtesy of the team at

Car registration services – Many states now offer options surrounding car registration, including car registration renewals and vehicle registration replacements. With a credit card handy and information about your vehicle, you can take care of car registration requests online and with ease.

Driver’s license services – Two of the most popular online services related to driver licenses are renewals and replacements. Thanks to online DMVs, you can now order a new driver’s license whenever you need. However, the team at reminds you to review your state DMV’s policy on online renewal, as you may only be able to do this every other time you renew your driving license. 

CDL services – If you are a commercial driver for work purposes, you may be able to take care of some of your CDL requests online. For instance, you can download required forms from your own computer, which saves you a trip to the DMV. You may also have the options to renew and replace your CDL online when necessary.

Driving record requests – Obtaining your driving history documents has never been easier! Many DMVs now offer easy, online driving record purchases and downloads for your convenience. Purchasing a copy of your driving record usually requires identifying information and a valid form of payment.

Credential updates – If you recently relocated to a new city within your state of residence, you can update your address on your driving credentials online in many states. In addition, you may be able to file a legal name change online following a marriage, a divorce or another qualifying life event. The team at also suggests trying to update your emergency contact information through your DMV’s online database, if possible.

Traffic ticket fine payment – Although sometimes you will need to go through your clerk of court, some states have payment portals through DMV websites. Whether you are paying a hefty fine for your first DWI or you are trying to meet the deadline before your parking ticket doubles in price, visit your DMV’s web portal to see if you can knock this task out simply from your smartphone.