Presents: 5 Crazy Driving Laws Still on the Books

Across the world, laws and regulations are created in order to promote safety. Driving laws are no exception. Regulations that limit speeds, control the flow of traffic and dictate parking regulations make sense, but there are countless laws that will leave you scratching your head and wondering why they had to be legislated in the first place. Other rules seem like they would fall under the umbrella of common sense, nevertheless, they had to be written into law. The team at Car-Registration.orghas compiled a list of five crazy driving laws from around the world that are still on the books.

1. Yield for the Herd – South Africa

In South Africa, motorists need to look out for pedestrians and herds of animals while they are driving. If the pedestrian and his animals request or signal for a driver to stop, the driver must comply. Drivers can face fines if they fail to yield to a person leading or driving any cattle-like animal, horse, ass, mule, sheep, goat, pig or ostrich on the road. While a law like this has very little use for drivers in a place like New York City, our team at can only imagine how many South Africans struggled to cross the road with their herd before this rule was enacted.

2. Hands on the Wheel – Cyprus

Drivers in Cyprus who unnecessarily raise their hands from their steering wheel can face hefty fines. This law covers eating, drinking and obscene hand gestures. While this law may have originally been enacted to curb the amount of car accidents that were happening, it comes across as somewhat overbearing. recommends you practice your most expressive facial gestures before driving in Cyprus to avoid getting fined for a brief moment of road rage.

3. Keep Your Eyes on the Road – Alabama, U.S.A.

Most drivers have been told time and time again to avoid distractions and keep their eyes on the road. Although texting and driving is possibly one of the most common forms of distracted driving, Alabama has taken steps to ban the worst distracting driving habit—driving while blindfolded. Even with groundbreaking innovations in self-driving cars, the experts at passionately advise against driving while blindfolded no matter where you are. It’s virtually impossible to keep your eyes on the road while blindfolded so it makes some sense as to why this is a law in Alabama.

4. A Sheep Needs a Shepherd – Montana, U.S.A.

Montana has an oddly specific law that prohibits having sheep in the cab of a truck unless there is a chaperone present. Whether this law was implemented to prevent sheep from leaping from trucks or to keep them from getting too lonely, it’s still quite perplexing as to why this law is still on the books. Whatever the reason may be, the people at recommend following Montana’s specific sheep transportation laws when visiting.

5. No Stopping Allowed – Germany

The Autobahn is a famous federal highway that stretches through most of Germany. This highway is wellknown for numerous speed-unrestricted stretches where speed limits are advisories more than they are laws. One law that is enforced on the Autobahn is that there is no stopping for any reason, unless it is an emergency. This law is so heavily enforced that running out of gas is not considered a valid reason for stopping. Instead, running out of gas is considered driver negligence and you can face a hefty fine for pulling over on the Autobahn.