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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding Your VIN And Plate Number For Your Car

What is the VIN number? It is the same as your car registration number, but in some instances can be referring to your actual plate number you are assigned when registering the vehicles VIN number. This number is specially individualized for each car. There are no two car registration numbers that are the same as it is based upon car make and model and the individual cars. This special number allows specific identification of one car. It is almost as individualized as your personal license number is to you. This individualization via your VIN number or car registration allows authorities to track your car should they need to, in instances such as it being stolen.

There are other advantages to knowing your VIN or car registration number such as:

  • Allowing for ease of reregistering your individual car via your local Department of Motor Vehicles or even registering it after purchase. This registration information will be processed upon a form which will be required to be kept in your car for authorities or inspection agents.
  • It allows you to easily process insurance information with your local insurance company. They can tell at a glance what features your car carries by means of the VIN number or car registration number and they can then assign a replacement value that they will base your individual insurance amount upon.
  • Allowing for ease of replacement of parts on your car if it should be needed by use of your car registration number, make and model.

Where To Find The VIN And Plate Number

Finding the VIN number or car registration number can be as easy as opening up your glove box and finding your car registration form. This is the official document that car owners are required to carry in their car for proof of registration with their local Department of Motor Vehicles. Most car dealers may suggest that you have copies of this official document made. Why? Well should the original for some unexplained reason get lost then you will have a back up. This back up can be kept in the home filing cabinet with your other documents pertaining to this vehicle.

The car's registration form should have a box that is specifically marked as, VIN number. This will be a very long number that will have a mixture of numbers and letters that specifically point to your specific car for officials. If you cannot find your VIN number via your registration most vehicles have them imprinted upon their dash or door with a metal tag that specifically states VIN.

Your cars plate number is a specific and individualized number that is assigned via means of your VIN number. When a person first purchases their vehicle they are asked to provide VIN or car registration information and then through this provision they are assigned a car registration plate number.

This car registration plate number is the metal plates that are sent to a car owner upon registering their vehicle by their local Department of Motor Vehicles for the first time upon purchase. This car registration plate information will be individually linked to their car make, model, color and the specific features that car have and that individual person. So when an authority has to check that number they will automatically be able to identify that vehicle as belonging to that person.

Renewal Of Car Registration

Once you have initially purchased your vehicle and submitted for registration for the first time via your local Department of Motor Vehicles for a car registration form for your car then it will simply be a matter of renewing on a yearly or every two-year basis.

After the first initial complete filling out of the registration form upon first initial purchase the Motor Vehicle Department will already have all your information so the reregistering of your vehicle will be much more easily done.

Steps for renewal are as follows:

  • You will receive a car registration renewal notice in the mail. You have until the listed due date upon the renewal notice to renew your registration of that VIN number and the plate or car registration number.
  • Go to your local Department of Motor Vehicles online website or your local Department of Motor Vehicles office or you may elect to simply pay the fee and mail it in. The renewal form will state what the charges are for renewing for one year or two years if it is offered by your state. The website address will be the quickest means of renewing your car's registration as it is done via online, so therefore instantly completed.
  • The website should have a link for "renewing your registration", clicking on this will bring you to the registration form.
  • Fill out any and all information that your local Motor Vehicles Department requires. At this point you can change any information on your car's registration if need be.
  • Then it is simply a matter of deciding as to whether to renew for one year or two as these fees will differ in cost.
  • Once you've selected your renewal time-frame option then it is simply a matter of paying your registration fee with either a credit card or debit card.
  • Once this is done then the car registration renewal applicant will be taken to a confirmation screen.
  • Print your confirmation of renewal completion to keep in you car until your new registration form arrives in the mail.
  • When your new registration form arrives in some states you will need to remove the renewal stickers and apply them to your pre-existing license plates to show proof of renewal of your car's registration to authorities that may need this information.

It is important that the car registration renewal applicant to have their car inspected by an authorized dealer within their states guidelines as some may require this step prior to renewal of the car's registration. Car inspection is very important to making sure that the car is safe and road-worthy for you, your family and others on the road that may be impacted by a driver operating a car that is dangerous on the roadway.

Additionally, if you purchase a different vehicle and wish to use your old license plates then it is a simple matter to have this car registration transferred to your new vehicle. It will simply mean filling out the option upon registration initial form for your new vehicle of transferring your car's registration plates.